Hello, It's me again. It's me again, again. Do you know me? I know you. I don't know, do you? Probably not. Welcome to my world. You are here know, not there, but here. So you're here and I am your Commander, so if you don't want to be under my control, leave now. Are you still there? I said go away! Good. Okay, for those of you who have stayed, welcome. You can find many fun and interesting things here. But there is even more to come in the future so stay tuned, don't get lost, be good, think different, don't do anything I wouldn't do, and most of all give me money, I mean have a good time.

-Ken Jezek, The Commander

My Snazzy List of Links

The World of Schlock: Persuasive Essay Writer Tim Mooney Talks About Greed The Official Seinfeld Web Site
Page Editor: Please Don't Touch This
Useless Knowledge: A Collection of Useless Knowledge for your Everyday Life
The World According to Nick: Nick DeSantis' Profound View of the World
Led Zepplin Lyrics: Lyrics to all Led Zepplin Songs
Radio 104: Hartford's Best Modern Rock/Alternative Station
Dee Snider Radio: Radio 104: Twisted Sister's Dee Snider Brings the Best Radio Morning Show Since the Old Days of Jake and Beth to Hartford
Rock 102: Springfield's Best Classic Rock Station
Apple Computer: An Allround Good Site for the Whole Family
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